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4 Common Causes of Dry Eye and How You Can Find Relief

Having dry eyes can affect your life in many ways, from making your eyes more sensitive to light to causing redness and discomfort. Fortunately, finding relief from this condition is possible. Below are four of the most common causes of dry eye, along with some information about best treatment options. Causes of dry eye In […]

Spring Allergies and Managing Your Itchy, Red Eyes

Spring is a time when the snow begins to melt, the sun starts to shine, and the flowers start to bloom, but for some people, it signals something completely different — the arrival of allergy season. Spring allergies can cause you to experience a number of different symptoms, ranging from coughs and sneezes to congestion […]

Trouble Learning to Insert or Remove Contact Lenses? Follows These 6 Expert Tips

Wearing contacts gives you great freedom over glasses, but for many, the struggle and frustration of learning how to insert and remove contact lenses is too much. Here’s your expert guide to worry-free contact wear, complete with troubleshooting for common contact-wearing problems. 1. How to remove a contact lens that “disappeared” If a contact disappears, it […]

The Importance of Wearing Sunglasses Year Round

If you’re like most people, you know it’s important to apply sunscreen every time you go outside to reduce your risk of skin damage and cancer from ultraviolet light. But, it’s equally important to protect your eyes against UV rays each time you go outside, not just when the sun is shining. At Eye See […]

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face

If you’ve never considered your face shape before, selecting new eyeglass frames is definitely the time to do so. Our knowledgeable optometry team at Eye See Ravenswood in the Ravenswood area of Chicago, IL wants you to love everything about your new glasses — from state-of-the-art vision correction to an outward expression of your style […]