5 Tips for Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face

If you’ve never considered your face shape before, selecting new eyeglass frames is definitely the time to do so. Our knowledgeable optometry team at Eye See Ravenswood in the Ravenswood area of Chicago, IL wants you to love everything about your new glasses — from state-of-the-art vision correction to an outward expression of your style and personality.

We’re happy to share these five tips for choosing the best glasses for your face.

First: Understand face and frame shapes make a difference

When it comes to the best frames for your face shape, one rule of thumb is to think in terms of a complementary look. In other words, if your face is round, choose angular frames to balance your features. If you have chiseled cheekbones, a square chin, or angular eyebrows, round frames can soften your look.

If your face is thin, chunky frames may overpower your delicate features. Look in the mirror when you try on different frame styles and ask yourself, “Does my face appear balanced? Or are these frames too overpowering for my facial features?”

Second: Consider your skin color and tone

With frame colors, think more about blending than complementing to choose frames that work well with your skin coloring and tone. Skin tones fall into two categories — cool or warm — and once you determine yours, choosing frame colors that work well with your complexion is easy. People with cool complexions have pink or blue undertones, and those with a warm skin tone have more of a peach-colored, bronze, or yellow undertone to their skin.

So what does this mean for frame colors? If you have a warm complexion, glasses frames in shades of brown, gold, beige, or olive green enhance your warmth. Stay away from pastels and high-contrast colors like white or black. However, if you have a cool complexion, frame colors like black, silver, pink, purple, or blue add color and won’t make you look washed out.

Third: Express your style and personality

In addition to the very important function of allowing you to see clearly, glasses are a means of expressing your personal style and a reflection of your unique personality. Would you like your new glasses to convey a refined, sophisticated sense of style or perhaps a fun, whimsical side? Many people like to have a few pairs of glasses on hand as part of their wardrobes, such as a more professional look for work and a bold, stylish pair for weekends.

Fourth: Keep your lifestyle in mind

When selecting the best glasses for your face, remember to think about the activities you’d do while you wear them. Could you benefit from flexible frames that twist and bend without breaking as part of your active lifestyle? Or do you spend most of your time in front of a computer screen?

Do you wear glasses many hours each day or just to read a book? Durability features such as spring hinges can make a difference in how many times you put your glasses on and take them off during the day. Choose frames that offer the most freedom and flexibility.

Fifth: Focus on comfort

Honestly, the best glasses for your face are ones that are comfortable — especially if you wear them most of the day. Once you’ve narrowed down styles, colors, and features that work well with your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle, consider how the frames feel when you’re wearing them.

Are they too heavy on your nose to wear all day? Does the stylish embellishment in the corner get caught in your hair? Of course, our skilled optical team adjusts your frames to fit perfectly on your face and to hold on behind your ears, but only you know your preference when it comes to nose pads and other features that make your glasses comfortable to wear.

Keep these tips in the forefront of your mind when trying on glasses so you get the frames that work best for you. From trendy to classic, and everything in between, we can help you find the perfect fit.

For personalized service and a large collection of frames for every style and lifestyle, call or request an appointment online at Eye See Ravenswood in Chicago, IL.

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