What your eye health reveals about your overall health

There’s no overstating the importance of your eyes, which means eye care is essential in your overall health. Prevention and early diagnosis of abnormalities and eye diseases are vital to avoiding serious problems later.

That’s why Dr. Andrea J. Stein of Eye See Ravenswood in Chicago provides thorough eye exams to help you see more clearly and to ensure your overall health. The daily use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops have assumed a normal part of our routine, leaving people spending hours in front of the screen. That’s why basic eye care is necessary for healthy, lifelong vision.

An eye exam can save your life

Regular eye exams can uncover vision problems like astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. Eye exams also reveal issues that require medical intervention.

Blurry vision

If you have sudden blurry vision, you could be experiencing problems with blood flow to your brain. Blurry vision might be the start of a migraine, or it could be the beginning of a stroke. Blurred vision is also an indication of diabetes and having too much sugar in your blood. If you suddenly have blurry vision or if you lose vision unexpectedly, immediate medical attention can save your life.

Yellow eyes

If you notice the whites of your eyes yellowing, you may have jaundice. You may also notice your skin turning a yellowish color as well. Jaundice is indicative of liver problems, which can be caused by poor diet, alcoholism, cancer, or an infection.

Eye twitching

Everyone has experienced eye twitching, and it’s typically normal. However, if you notice your twitch isn’t relenting, you might have a serious problem. Eye twitches that don’t stop indicate a problem with your nervous system. This is an extreme example, and it’s rare that a twitching eye leads to a serious diagnosis. Nevertheless, if your twitching is accompanied by trouble walking or talking, seek immediate help.

Bulging eyes

If you’ve been putting off seeking guidance for bulging eyes, call Dr. Stein for an appointment right away. Bulging eyes could be a sign of your thyroid releasing too many hormones. You may also experience blurred vision or loss of sight along with the bulging eyes.

The importance of eye exams in your overall health

It’s critical that you make eye health a priority. Your eyes, those windows to your soul, are also windows to your health, letting your optometrist see your blood vessels, veins, and arteries. An eye exam can even tell you if you have cardiovascular diseases like hypertension.

An eye doctor saves lives by finding cancers and brain tumors in patients who have no idea that there’s a problem. Diabetes can also be diagnosed early during an eye exam by identifying changes in vision or in the blood in the back of your eye. Regular eye exams make it easier to track your eye health and your overall health.

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