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Do you suffer from impaired vision? Dr. Andrea J. Stein, Dr. Joanna Slusky and Dr. Ranju Ganesh offer premium optometry services at Eye See Ravenswood for those seeking to correct their vision and live comfortably. Schedule an appointment by phone or online at her private practice in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago to find out what frames, and prescription would best suit your face and eyesight needs.

Eyeglasses Q & A

What are eyeglasses?

As imperfect vision affects much of the population, eyeglasses are the most common form of eyewear to correct it. This type of frame consists of two slightly curved pieces of glass that carry the proper prescription to optimize your eyesight. Dr. Andrea J. Stein, Dr. Joanna Slusky or Dr. Ranju Ganesh can help you to find exactly the right pair of glasses to correct your vision.

How do glasses correct my vision?

Whether you need eyeglasses to correct nearsightedness (an inability to see in the distance) or farsightedness (an impaired ability to see close up), they are structured in the same fashion. The glass lens curves to bend light rays that pass through, correcting refractive errors and allowing you to see images clearly.

When you’re looking at something, the light rays focus inside of your eye to create the image that you see. The image curves with the surface of your retina, as the pupil and cornea work to shrink, focus, and curve the image for clarity. Any irregularities in your eyes’ structures will cause blurry vision.

What are types of impaired vision?

In general, there are two types of vision impairments: nearsightedness and farsightedness.

As the names imply, people who are nearsighted see images more clearly if they are nearer, while those who are farsighted can see distant images better. The shape of your eyes can cause these vision problems, which affects how the light rays enter the retina.

A third factor is an eye condition known as astigmatism, a common problem that involves an irregular curving of the eye, creating a second focal point inside the eye.

What are types of corrective lenses are available?

There are two types of corrective lenses used in glasses (or contacts) to combat irregularities of the eye’s structures:

Convex lenses: These lenses are slightly curved inward to aid nearsighted individuals. They function by bending the entering light to push the focal point back toward the retina.

Concave lenses: These lenses push the focal point forward to help farsighted individuals.

Call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Andrea J. Stein, Dr. Joanna Slusky or Dr. Ranju Ganesh at Eye See Ravenswood to correct impaired vision if you suffer from either of these conditions.